5 Reasons to Ditch your Pre-Workout

Most people try to get a boost from energy drinks and other supplements that promise great workouts, but all you really need is your body producing it's own natural energy. There are many reasons to skip on the pre-workout and strengthen your body's ability to sustain energy.

Read on to find out 5 reasons to ditch the pre and the best alternatives for your body.


Reason #1 
Higher Stress and Anxiety 

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Caffeine increases the heart rate and has your brain moving at a faster pace, Energy Drinks and other caffeinated supplements can actually make your workout less effective and more anxiety ridden.

Try eating a carb or sugar before your workout for a great pump and a natural energy boost.

Reason #2
Can upset digestion

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Pre-Workout when taken in excess can lead to stomach problems because of ingredients used, which can cause gas or even Pre-Workout poops... Who wants that?

Try instead taking less or looking for a Pre-Workout that has more natural ingredients.  

Reason #3
Can Increase Water Retention

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While creatine is safe to use and great for muscle growth, it is used in many pre workouts and if your goal isn't to grow really big muscles (weird goal but go off) you may want to check the ingredients used in your pre workout. Creatine is known to help your body hold onto water to aid in muscle growth, and give you that "pumped" look due to the water retention.

Try instead, staying hydrated and having a high protein snack within an hour of your lift.

Reason #4
Can cause dependency 

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Because of the caffeine in most pre workouts, your body could experience withdrawals and you may find yourself feeling like you need the caffeine in order to even work out. 

Try to stick to small doses and only take pre workout when you need it 

Reason #5 
Can lead to heart problems

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An excess of caffeine can lead to heart palpitations, using strong pre workout for prolonged periods of time can affect the health of your heart. The caffeine produces a hormone that causes more forceful contractions of the heart which affects the heartbeat over time. 

Try instead to find small healthy snacks and avoid caffeine unless its necessary (hint: it's usually not)


In conclusion. Everything in moderation and you will be fine, nothing wrong with a little boost at the beginning of the day, but always keep in mind your long term goals and health. Check out our Caffeine Free Energy Bar that we formulated just for this! E3 Energy Cubes is high in protein and tastes great. You don't have to worry about any of the crash that comes with a caffeinated pre workout! 

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