Q.  Where does E3's energy come from?

A.  E3 stands for Energy from 3 sources. Energy Cubed.  Healthy protein, healthy fat, and healthy carbs.  There is no need for artificial stimulants in our energy cubes because real energy comes from real food.

Q.  Are E3 Energy Cubes safe for kids?

A.  Most kids love our protein bars, and they will help them stay full because of the fiber content.  As with any food for your kids, check the label for allergens.  But otherwise, YES, they are safe for kids to eat.  No stimulants.

Q.  Will E3 Energy Cubes cause gas or bloat?

A.  Studies have consistently shown that egg white protein (instead of whey) causes less gas and bloat.  And the added fiber will give your gut exactly what it needs, too.

Q.  What does the fiber in E3 Energy Cubes do for you?

A.  Fiber has been stripped from our diet.  E3 contains up to 50% of your daily fiber needs for the day.  Getting enough fiber does so many amazing things for your body.  90% of your serotonin is made in your gut.  Fiber (prebiotic fiber) feeds the probiotics in your gut, creating a better gut microbiome.  This helps your body create the serotonin needed for a healthier mind.  So, eating E3 can help you feel happier.  It also helps you stay more satiated (more full) and helps control insulin spikes.