Is There a Healthy Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich?

Is there a Healthy Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich?

Remember when you were a kid and would run into the house to a delicious PB & J sandwich after playing with your friends?  And I bet sometimes you could get your mom to cut off the crust. We have so many options to make a Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich.
We all love the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, however, your metabolism (and your waste line) may disagree. The traditional sandwich has a lot of sugar, very little fiber, and hardly any protein.  Delicious.  But not always nutritious.

Want a convenient and nutritious option? Here are the deets…

We are going to go over ways you can make your PB&J experience healthier without too much extra work!  Let’s look at 3 options.

  • The Convenient Crustless Option

We all know and love the classic frozen crustless PB&J Sandwich. It's delicious, nostalgic, and it’s fast, but let’s take a look at the nutrition information.

One premade crustless sandwich weighs 58 grams which is a fairly small “meal”, but it packs quite a punch. These sandwiches have 28 grams of carbs and 10 grams of sugar (9 of which are added) with only 6 grams of protein and only 2 grams of fiber. While this is a good quick option you are not very likely to feel full after eating it and it may even leave you feeling a little bad. 


If you are a fan of the crustless sandwiches here is an option to make them just as convenient and healthier at home.

You can buy this crustless sandwich cutter for just $10 and pre-make your own sandwiches, freeze them, and grab them on your way out the door. Make swaps for your Peanut Butter for a lower fat option like Peanut Butter Powder from PB2, and you can make this easy 3 ingredient strawberry jam from Just Ingredients. This instantly gives you a healthier option for your favorite crustless sandwich.


  • The Healthy Homemade Option

A Homemade PB&J Sandwich is the OG and classic version of this childhood favorite! Did you know a homemade PB & J Sandwich can be upwards of 500 Calories? These sandwiches can contain 73 grams of carbs, 480 grams of sodium, and 26 grams of sugar. This is obviously an extreme number, but depending on the bread you choose and the type of spreads you get, you can get yourself a hefty amount of calories in one sitting. The nice thing about it is you can customize them to be higher in protein, lower in sugars, and overall more balanced just by making a few healthy swaps. 

There are healthier alternatives to make this homemade option a little bit better for you. You can make swaps in your peanut butter by using a different nut butter like Almond Butter or PB2. There are also low cal options for jams and jelly, and different options for breads, like ezekiel bread

But is this the most convenient option? Could be, but we have an even more convenient way to eat a PB&J while also getting a good balance of macros in your system. 

  • PB&J The Healthy Way with E3 Energy Cubes

At E3, our craving for that childhood PB & J sandwich got the best of us, and we decided to create a protein bar that everyone loves.  Healthy for adults, kids, or the kid inside of you.

Introducing   PB & J, the Healthy Way.  With our E3 Energy Cube PB & Jam Protein Bar we made it extremely convenient to enjoy this childhood favorite with about half the carbs and half the sugars of a Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich. This refrigerated protein bar will take you back to your childhood. Made with so many organic ingredients, and REAL FOOD.  

There is no sacrifice to health options and dietary restrictions because the E3  bar is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free, and it tastes good! You can literally see all of the ingredients inside each cube!

Egg white protein gives you the protein you need without the “gut bomb” feeling that you get from whey and the “chalky” taste that you get with other protein bars. The cassave root gives you a great dietary fiber that helps you stay fuller, longer.  And helps improve your gut microbiome at the same time, by feeding the probiotics in your stomach, with pre-biotic fiber.

For a limited time you can enjoy this delicious flavor in a "mini" size for the month of August! Our E3 Energy Cube mini's are super convenient for school lunches, pre and post work outs, and when a full bar is just too much! Check out our biggest sale yet HERE!


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